Collagen is the most abundant proteinb in the connective tissues of the human body, making up to around 30% of total protein content. It plays a fundamental role in the protection and functioning of organs and tissues, ensuring strength to the bones, mobility to the joints, elasticity and brightness to the skin and gives lucidity and beauty to hair and nails, according to several clinical studies.

Our company is certified by the highest quality systems and is engaged in the production of hydrolyzed collagen, commonly known as collagen peptides, under an enzymatic hydrolysis process that breakdown the protein chains into low molecular weight structures.

This product is a great dietary supplement. It is a natural source of protein composed by 18 amino acids (mainly hydroxyproline, glycine and proline), free from preservatives and additives, without sugars, cholesterol and fats.

• Non-GMO
• Clean Label
• Hypoallergenic
• Rapidly absorbed by the digestive tract
• Soluble in hot and cold solutions
• No gelling-power
• Stable in thermal treatments
• Clear and transparent solution
• Neutral taste and odor


Several scientific studies have shown that the daily consumption of collagen has a regenerating effect on joint cartilage and bones and acts as an elasticizing agent and antioxidant for the skin. The intake of collagen peptides therefore helps to maintain the body’s health and prevent its aging.

Hydrolyzed collagen is now a central product in the nutraceutical sector and, due to its properties and effectiveness, it is used in various diets, even in the case of sports activities. It is, in fact, a protein easily assimilated by the body and, thanks to the presence of amino acids, helps to give a sense of satiety and to promote muscle strengthening.

It can be consumed in the form of food supplements, energy bars, drinks, as well as directly in the form of capsules or tablets.


Hydrolyzed collagen is one of the key components of beauty products for men and women. It has become an essential ingredient in skin care preparations to make the skin more elastic, radiant and youthful.

The daily application of cosmetics containing collagen peptides and the intake of dedicated supplements improve the basic structure of the skin, helping to prevent skin aging.

Another important characteristic of collagen is its activity in the fight against free radicals, in order to keep the pH of the skin neutral and to have beautiful and healthier hair and nails.

The resulting cosmetic applications are diverse: hydrolyzed collagen can be taken in tablets or liquid solutions, as well as used in the form of face creams, body lotions, shampoos and bath foams.


Italgel boasts a production department totally dedicated to the production of hydrolyzed collagen. It is therefore able to provide a complete range of products customized according to specific needs. In addition to bovine and porcine collagen, it also offers collagen of fish origin.
All our types of collagen peptides are produced from highly selected raw materials and can be requested with the following origins:

— Pork skin
— Calf skin (Halal and Kosher)
— Fish skin (Halal)

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