Our line of instant products consists in a gelatine powder with an extremely fast solubility that makes it quicker and easier to process food products by saving time and ensuring accuracy during dissolution and hydration respectively. This makes it a very common choice in the professional world of food: from professionals in the Hotels/Restaurants/Catering sector to the food industry.

It has the same properties of a regular gelatine, but instant gelatine comes from a specific process, which is the result of Italgel’s decades of experience in the gelatine industry. Research and constant improvements in the production process led Italgel to develop this new product line.


Thanks to its patented powder formulation, it can be used directly in water-based recipes. It melts immediately in liquids at very low temperature of 30°C and it does not require the usual strong mechanical agitation. This kind of product allows you to save energy and time, and does not affect the flavors of your delicate raw materials. It can be used in sweet or savory preparations.


The special characteristics of the instant gelatine are highly valuable in this sector. They are perfect for the production of blends and systems, as well as for direct application in the final product. Instant gelatine helps operators of this industry to make the most out of its gelling, emulsifying, thickening and stabilizing properties, saving time and energy.


Italgel boasts a production department totally dedicated to the production of instant gelatine. It is therefore able to provide a complete range of products customized according to specific needs.

All our types of instant gelatine are produced from highly selected raw materials and can be requested with the following origins:

— Pork skin
— Calf skin (Halal and Kosher)

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