Gelatine is a natural and healthy food, being a pure protein made from animal raw materials that contain collagen and is an extremely versatile hydrocolloid, which allows to endless applications.

It is obtained by a partial hydrolysis of collagen, which is the major protein constituting the skin, bones and connective tissues of animals.
It consists of approx. 90% protein and contains a total of 18 amino acids, of which 8 out of 9 are essential amino acids for the human body.

Italgel has been involved for decades in the production of gelatine for various uses in different fields. This product is an indispensable raw material in many sectors of food, pharmaceutical and technical grades.

Gelatine is also used in the preparation of animal feed, as it has the important function of helping to increase its protein content.

Here are the main properties and functionalities of gelatine:

• Natural source of protein
• Natural food ingredient
• Safe product
• GMO free and not chemically modified
• Clean label product
• Non – allergenic
• Fully digestible
• Cholesterol, purine and fat free
• High bioavailability
• Unique texture, elasticity and purity
• Excellent mouth feel and taste experience


In the food industry, gelatine is a multiform raw material, which is used as a gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier and binder, depending on the need.

It is widely used in the confectionery and bakery products, due to its properties of providing the right firmness to cakes or puddings and the proper creaminess to fillings. It is also used in biscuits, to make them crunchier.

Gelatine is the basic ingredient in one of the preferred delicacies by children and adults, the gummy candies, by providing elasticity, clarity and lucidity to the candy. In addition to the marshmallows, where the gelatine plays an important role of stabilizing the aeration and providing the fluffy texture.

For the production of meats, food-grade gelatine is used because, in addition to acting as a glue, increases the protein content.

Gelatine is also added in some types of beverages: in wine, for which it plays a role of clarification and flocculation by reducing turbidity and regulating the tannins content; in beers and fruit juices, for which it gives greater clarity.


In the pharmaceutical field, the applications of gelatine are to make capsules, tablets and vitamin preparations.

The drugs made with gelatine capsules, both rigid and soft, are easy to digest, safeguard the active ingredients of the drugs and offer a high level of bioavailability.

Even life-saving drugs such as hemostatic sponges to stop bleeding are made of gelatine.


Italgel offers a complete range of products customized according to specific needs. All our types of gelatine are produced from highly selected raw materials, with traceability guarantee, and can be requested with the following origins:

— Pork skin
— Calf skin (Halal and Kosher)

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